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Deep steamed Kabuse Gyokuro

Luxurious Gyokuro deeply steamed during the manufacturing process.

Deep steamed Kabuse Gyokuro

Tea leaves

Kabuse Gyokuro is Gyokuro that is shaded for a longer period before production process.
By blocking the sunlight, Catechin, which is the cause of bitterness, decreases, while Theanine, the substance that produces tea's sweetness, increases, producing vivid tea leaves and mellow aroma.

Also, during the manufacturing process, the tea are steamed for a longer period than the typical Sencha. This sweetens the taste while reducing the bitter and astringent flavor in the tea.


Deep steamed Kabuse Gyokuro

Deep steamed Kabuse Gyokuro
Product Type Fukamushi (Deep-Steamed) cha
Production Area Uji, Kyoto
Weight 100g
Expiration 8 Months
Unit price $33

Deep steamed Kabuse Gyokuro is the flavor-rich Kabuse Gyokuro with the addition of steaming process. One of our best products prepared from carefully cultivated tea leaves.

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